HPPM Homeroom Parents

HPPM Homeroom Parents (HRPs) help create special memories for each class' students and their teacher with the events they plan and the communication they provide to the rest of the families in the class. Below is the list of each class' HRP.


If you have any questions, please email Kristi Marquez at specialeventsvp@hppmpta.org.


Important Dates to Remember


Thanksgiving Feast

Friday, November 16, 2018

Valentine's Day Party

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Teacher Appreciation Week

February 25 - March 1, 2019


faculty favorites

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2018-2019 HomeRoom Parents (coming SOON!)

If you need to contact your HRP, please ask your Classroom Teacher for the HRP's contact information or email specialeventsvp@hppmpta.org.


Teacher's Name Grade Homeroom Parent
Melissa Rodriguez Pre-K  
Natalie Rowden* K  
Karen Breazeale K  
Ashley Graeber K  
Cini Methratta K  
Katherine Madden* 1st  
Sarah Bailey 1st  
Michaella Gibson 1st  
Alexandria Marquez 1st  
Laura Rogers 1st  
Lisa Wright* 2nd  
Ashley Carrero 2nd  
Alexa Hall 2nd  
Latisha Hall 2nd   
Lemay 2nd  
Erin Hollowell* 3rd  
Sarah Buescher 3rd  
Laci Hyde 3rd  
Cynthia Martinson 3rd  
Shantal Nobles 3rd  
Starleeia Lucas* 4th  
Daniel Flores  4th  
Sylvia Potts 4th  
Shannon Southward 4th   
Jaylen Wilson 4th  
Jill Norcross* 5th  
Lauren Bonner 5th  
Vera Brickham 5th  
Ashleigh Petrino 5th   
Desiree Tabera 5th  
Rebecca Baker* 6th  
Harold Burger 6th  
Char Hight 6th  
Amy Langlinais 6th  
Whitney Triplet 6th  


* denotes Grade Level Lead