There is no Extended Day on Friday, May 24 so all kids will be
released at normal dismissal time. Kona Ice will be selling
shaved ice right after school. After you grab your snow cone,
please join us right outside the auditorium for a final PTA meeting
of the year. We will vote on a final 2018-19 budget amendment,
our 2019-20 proposed budget, a Disbursement spending request, and updates to our standing rules and bylaws. We appreciate you helping PTA close out these  final business matters while your kiddos enjoy their Kona Ice!  

The Bobcat Bolt was a huge success!


The students loved being greeted by the cheers of their teachers, classmates, parents, and friends as they crossed the finish line. We also raised well over $5,000 to support school activities organized by the PTA. This meaningful celebration of health and wellness would not have been possible without the support of so many amazing people.


Special thanks to: 

  • Coach Welch for the staff coordination/planning/logistics

  • Andrea Hauglie for her work planning and organizing the event

  • The Special Services team for the water and fruit prep

  • Coach Collins for the muscle and prep work

  • Target stores for providing gift cards for fruit and water

  • Smiles Balloons for making the beautiful balloon arrangements

  • The entire HPPM staff for making sure the kids had a great time!


We can't wait to do it again next year!



2019-2020 PTA OFFICERS

The HPPM PTA Nominating Committee, consisting of Adrian Berkline, Janna McElya, Jenifer Prinz, Alana Davenport, and Lori Holloway presents the 2019-2020 Slate of Officers:

President: Tarah Elder
1st VP (Community): Andrea Hauglie            
2nd VP (Membership): Alana Davenport 
3rd VP (Fundraising): Kristi Marquez 
4th VP (Fundraising): Jessica Dooley
5th VP (Communications): Joanna Newcomb 
6th VP (Fine Arts): Madison Liane
7th VP (Special Events): Yanuaria Luna
8th VP (Spirit Store): Adrian Berkline 
Secretary: Jenifer Prinz 
Treasurer: Jacy Cochran 




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Volunteers must have a RISD background check EVERY YEAR by going to http://www.risd.org/volunteer and filling out the simple form. Thank you for volunteering to help our school and students!


For questions, please email Jenny Gardner at volunteers@hppmpta.org



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