boxtop update!

Thank you to everyone who submitted their box tops during our last collection. Moving forward, the Boxtop program is going digital and will slowly phase out the printed clips.  To continue earning money for HPPM what this means is:

  1. CLICK HERE to Download the boxtop app
  2. Look for this THIS IMAGE on products (See picture on the right)  
  3. Scan your receipt to be credited to the school

If you have family members who purchase items with boxtops, you don’t have to collect them anymore.  They can support HPPM where ever they live!


Until the printed boxtop program is totally phased out, we will continue to collect the printed boxtops to support HPPM.  But for now, we all need to track both digitally and printed boxtops for HPPM


Clipping Box Tops from hundreds of participating products could not be easier, and they really do add up. Each one is worth 10 cents when our school redeems them.  




If you have any questions, please contact